Cleaning leather

Okay, you spent the past week at a festival and just got home. All your leather bike kit is covered in mud and looks and smells like hell.

Job 1 - Fill a bucket, bowl or kitchen sink with warm water and find a soft sponge and some saddle soap

Job 2 - Work the saddle soap into the surface of the dirty leather with a damp sponge. Gently clean the dirt off with the sponge. Finish off by rinsing every last trace of saddle soap off the leather and then leaving to dry naturally. Do not saturate the leather with water if you can help it as (rather obviously) it takes longer to dry.

Job 3 - Find a tub of Skidmore's Biker Edition Leather Cream (nothing else will do, especially not dubbin) and scoop out a dollop with your fingers. Work this amazing stuff into the dry leather with your fingers - the heat from your hands will help absorption. Skidmore's was developed in Wyoming to waterproof cowboy saddle leather and will work wonders for you if you apply it properly.

Job 4 - Allow the Skidmore's to soak in for half an hour and then apply another coat.

Job done.